Lacrim Net Worth

Lacrim Net Worth in 2020

Lacrim Net Worth in 2020

Lacrim Net Worth in 2020

Net worth of $235,000 dollars as of 1st October 2020.

Lacrim , whose real name is Karim Zenoud , is a French rapper born onin Paris . In 2009, he moved to Marseille where he decided to embark on a musical career. He made his debut through featurings on tracks from Mister You .

Karim Zenoud was born in the 20 th arrondissement of Paris to Algerian parents 1 . He is the grandson of the actress Ouardia Hamtouche 1 . He spent the first five years of his life in the 13 th arrondissement , before his parents are moving permanently to Chevilly-Larue , south of the capital 2. He has a fairly decent education but, although he is only eleven years old, his name no longer appears on the lists. He finds himself out of school, all steps aimed at re-entering school will subsequently fail. At thirteen, he was placed under the supervision of a juvenile judge who would follow him until he was seventeen. He enchains hearths, knows his first nights out. Sent to Chambéry at the age of fourteen as part of an apprenticeship in catering, he was dismissed after four months following disciplinary problems. Despite everything, he returned to Chambéry three months later where he shared an apartment with a young woman; he finally returned to Chevilly-Larue , some time later.

In the meantime, he commits his first robbery. He increased the number of sentences until 2001, the date of his first imprisonment. He will return there three times in 2002, 2003, then 2009 at the Health Remand Center . Released in 2006 after two and a half years of imprisonment, he moved to Spain where he spent three years before returning, in 2009, to Marseille in the Bouches-du-Rhône  : it was there and then that his career began. musical.

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