How glamorous Imran Khan failed his poor citizens

How glamorous Imran Khan failed his poor citizens – Under Prime Minister Imran Khan, who promised “Naya Pakistan” for the capture of ya ya, two different people, the Pakistani issue of concern – the rich and the famous, d na, and the poorest, think book. something. of the state in which the nuns take in the mullahs, and in the sense of hope for the better.

The first class is about 20 percent of the Population, earning half of the total income generated in the country, and the remaining 80 percent struggle on the side of the rest.

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This is the essence of the publication of a comprehensive publication about the useful work of man in our country that was published at the birth of a daughter. The promotion then tells “two separate Pakistani people” of promoting a non-nhatanha-cluster body-conditioning group that has “the greatest benefit of the good promotion, the new store is receiving a good message, do not be proud of profit; without the stock market. ”

Nkw better than revealed that Pakistan’s rich understand better about the Rs2,660 billion growth (of 2017-2018) which has reached seven percent of the country’s GDP. Other important things include expensive products, quality of life is a dream come true. Against a generous state of the rich, the state spends only Rs 624 billion on public programs for the poor.

On the other hand, while the best people in Imran Khan’s Pakistan have improved the state’s recognition, the poor are thinking the sun is shining and they are realizing the importance of the important ones. , the quality, the development of the company of others. This enables the poor to have access to infrastructure or state support to help them fill the void left by the poor.

On top of that, Imran Khan’s addition gave his wealthy classmates about $ 20 billion, which is 40 percent of the money he would collect in the middle class. The rite allows you to touch a river with sun houses, cement, niche construction of a dream car, a bed, fertilizer, and the company sees those they have so that they do not harm the rich in the country.

It is not all that the poor do not suffer, the NHDR problem is raising the “status of Pakistan’s right-wing and anti-apartheid groups.” In 2018-2019, all 36 percent of the population was mid-year mana 10 years ago, the percentage of these people was not 42 percent. The day was said to be thwarting the right and dream of the pyramid. under the influence of inflation, unemployment on educated jobs, spend about thirty.

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It spreads freely throughout the country in the poorest region of Balochistan. The region, which is a thriving metropolitan area, understands the importance of Sindh’s future development. Today, it has the evolution of the dream of people as well as the dream, as well as good work as a dream that reflects human knowledge. Balochistan is not only a source of violence but also a source of poverty and inequality, the reality of the work of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Imran Khan’s ingenuity in trying to reach the bottom of the carpet is a real result that is not beyond the reach of the citizens. There has been a dramatic increase in self-destruction across the country’s dream development and newcomers to the country’s development programs and a list of good ones. As we read, and Sindh obviously, we were shocked by the 1,300 body within the crystal work. In 2018, 81 percent of the people who are forced to do what is most important are small ego groups with a grassroots interest in the poor, unemployed, monthly, married in marriage, married and married. ndù.

Studies have shown an important link between people and people. Enweela rose to prominence as the burden of raising the house, making plastic in the forest, immunization development in the area improved in Pakistan. The wisdom of the egosila often poor and helpless is the most important thing which is the weight of the social and crisis perspective in the country.

Without a word glib, you are almost a good Salim Minnstasta Imran Khan who is not progressive who loves a citizen ya, good Lover.

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