Six types of marriage relationships

Six types of marriage relationships – Marital relationships come in many different ways and ways. For the purposes of this discussion, we will divide them into six broad groups:

Couples money
Sexual couples
Social peers
Fighting opponents
Spirit couples
These are couples who live in the same house or apartment or even room but are not common in common. The only thing that unites them is that they live in the same house. They hardly speak for themselves. Every discussion becomes a fever or a fight. Therefore, they have chosen not to have anything in common except when absolutely necessary. Discussions are held several times by phone to reduce the rate of physical viewing. Sometimes discussions are held by notes written on paper with a pen. Even children are occasionally used as communication channels. The marriage broke down but the couple still supported him for a number of reasons.

Couples money
These are couples held together by financial terms. A man or woman may have financial dependence on the other. There are school fees to pay, rent to pay, food to buy, clothes and shoes to buy including holiday bills, medical bills, social fees and the like to keep. Because one of them took care of the family’s financial planning needs, the other took over the marriage. We accept sponsorship because of this.

Partners of colour talk to each other. The bread maker does whatever you want. Another partner knew but looked up. The reason is that nothing should be done to ruin the financial relationship.

As a result, most of the time, the dieter becomes arrogant and shy and has no discipline. The baker mixes sexual indifference, physical abuse, spiritual abuse, and disrespectful treatment of a wife. This progressive state of sexuality continues Infinitum unless the other party decides to rebel or start collecting money, or swap financial positions between the two.

Sexual couples

These couples also split up. The only thing that matters to their marriage is sex. It is the glue that binds them together. At one point during discussions with those close to them, they said: “If there’s anything that keeps me in this marriage, it’s sex.” It could be that both are good in bed or sexually active or that the couple has the kind of libido that makes sure they can’t last for long without sex.

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They know that to live without a coworker means that you will always be in need of a partner or that you will fall in love when your partner is not. But in marriage, one should not climb or cross rivers to have sex. One does not need to fear that they are getting a drink.

For sex partners, stealing someone else does not put nails in the love box. They can fight in the evening before you go to bed, go to sleep in an uncomfortable position, and touch each other on the bed, wanting you to sleep peacefully. When they wake up the next day, they continue to love their husbands.

These are couples who rely on marriage for what society says or thinks. They are no longer connected in any way. But because of their children or their religion or their country or their work, they should be treated as wives. Society sees marriage as a symbol of success, responsibility and dignity. A divorced person is considered to have a question mark. Some religions are considering divorce. Divorced persons lose certain privileges and prestige in their religion. Some work for physical incapacity for divorced people. Politics is one of them. The reason is that one who cannot control one person may not be able to control many people.

For some, it is a fearless reality. It can also be frightening that you may not be able to take care of the children’s needs as a single parent with a budget or time plan. It can also be scary to be seen as a pointless parent for eating during childhood.

So, partners, make sure everyone sees them together. They tolerate each other because they do not want to deal with the social consequences of a collaborative relationship.

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Fight against enemies
These are co-workers who live like cats and mice. There is always a debate. There is no good relationship between them but they do not hate each other. They are more likely to hurt each other than they now accept that marriage is to be accepted and not to be happy. They do not believe that those who are better off will be better than themselves. They argue in the morning, in the afternoon, and at night. They wake up feeling unhappy with each other but something can happen during the day to make them happy for a while before they return to their cat and mouse position, which is their home

Whenever they speak, they insist that “no marriage of partners will be in dispute.” From their experience, they have come to believe that frequent thefts are an important part of marriage

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Interestingly, why conflict is not always global. It is often by personal behavior contrary to another view of the world. What one person considers right in another is wrong. These words always anger other people. The teacher sees the other person as tolerant and disrespectful and also does not want to know whether the partner will be angry or not. Thankfully, people from other countries praise them in ways that offend their spouse. But the question is whether someone is married or someone else. The point is that inequalities in different areas of life are to blame for this.

These have two advantages over the others: They agree on important aspects of their lives and testify about their marriage by ensuring that the happiness of their most important partner and the conflict are resolved quickly before they are a problem.

Husbands and wives do not work together too much. They don’t care about each other. They do not deliberately harm themselves. They give themselves the benefit of the doubt, because they are convinced that their wife does not mean to harm them. When their spouses are unhappy, they go to the root of the sadness and take root, because they realize that if their spouse is unhappy, their happiness is not perfect.

They have such a spiritual connection that when you meet one of them in one word, the answer you receive is the same as the other. This is because they understand each other and try to make the other person happy.

Couples don’t force each other to seem happy for the camera or anyone else. They are happy because they are happy. Their marriage is not defined by the unhappiness that happiness brings. At one point, they could face some cases but they developed internal technology for the speedy decision of such a case.

Finally, unity is needed for a marriage to succeed. But most importantly, two people must decide that their marriage will work and not only worry about their happiness but also their wife’s happiness.



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