I pray to God for favour night before releasing music – Chike

I pray to God for support the night before releasing music – Chike-What do you like more than being a musician?
I love the way music is created and the fact that man can create things. To understand my point, I know that the world exists, but a musician can make a person feel and fear.

A musician has always been in my mind, but music surrounded me when I was growing up. My uncle, his relatives and a lot of people around me were together or even singing. That was my journey, and the music started.

Why did you study technology in high school because you were always interested in music?

I think a lot of people know about the education system in Nigeria. Our expanding curriculum in schools is not as professional as it should be. I don’t have many options like singing in high school. Because of our curriculum, I can be a music teacher if I play music in education. After all, with Nigerian parents, he is either a doctor, an engineer, a paymaster or anyone else ‘professional’. No parents can afford to pay for your high school education. That’s why I don’t bother myself to get understanding and fear. Honestly, I’m glad I didn’t.

She became known when she appeared at Project Fame West Africa. Do you think reality shows give you a huge boost in the music industry?

Frankly, my journey into music has come with a lot of hard work. I was very active in my desire to create original music and make it known. I won’t really talk about my experience because I can’t talk about it in detail. I am so grateful that I am doing well.

How are you doing?

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My experience with the music industry has been exciting and fruitful lately. In fact, my most played year was until 2020, after the release of my so-called album, Boo of Booless. Last year that was no worse because I performed on several levels that gave me praise. Anyway, the success of 2020 did a great job in my career. Fear took me by surprise.

She’s been doing a lot at weddings lately. Why is that?

I’ll mention some of the tracks on Boo’s Boneless album. Surprisingly, when I created the songs, I didn’t know they would be a favourite at a wedding. Anyway, I can’t complain. Instead, I have a deep sense of humour and the fears that have prevailed. It has given my music a lot of visions and has also given me financial opportunities. My prayer is that these scenarios do not stop me from finding my way because there is nothing better than an artist who has a job to offer every weekend and every time.

Are these songs are beyond your expectations in terms of popularity?

I don’t think You will be a successful success. It so happened that I sent my writer an example of what I wanted for the song, but when it fell, I was not interested at all. I told him it wasn’t what I wanted, but he told the truth about the beat he sent and asked me to write my first song. I grumble when I record music, but I also give it a good sound. He tried to make me sad by saying that he would press me again after I had finished my part, although he never did. I find that I am not a spoiler of my music and everyone in the group love it when I play them. Seeing that, I decided not to focus on my own decisions.

Many artists have commented that church hymns were their first. Is there something wrong with you?

I was a writer at Covenant Column for about two months, but I see some singers on stage at other events. Despite my doubts about Jesus Christ, I do not see myself as an artist or a double life. I make my decision about what kind of music I want to be and be popular. ”

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Tell us about your childhood.

I grew up in Abuja and attended primary and secondary school there. I left Abuja for high school. I have three siblings. I grew up with a lot of relatives. I have had many memorable moments, but I began to forget some of them as I grew up.

How do you get inspiration for your songs?

I think a lot of that in the process, I started to think about what people went through. I try to be sympathetic to their situation. As athletes, we create fear in the sense that a person will pass the described situation. That is what inspired me when I wrote a song. I’m trying to convey my song that real-life situations are real. Also, I get inspiration from history books like Dolly Parton, Tracy Chapman, Style Plus and Wande Coal.

How long will it take to produce a song?

My best time with a song was one month. Sometimes, I start a playlist, and I have to let go of other things that need my attention. Then I came back to you then to finish.

His fans’ official website said it was similar to Chinedu Flavor N’abania. What do you think about that?

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I’m a big fan of Flavor, and I know that the actor has a responsibility to perform for his audience, not himself. Adun is one of the most respected players in Nigeria and has been in the sport for many years. I’m grateful that people can see your little one inside me.

Why choose R&B and not hip hop or afro rhythms where the latter is the most popular?

Obviously, I’m not a hip artist, but I’m not a RAP. Many factors affect a person’s music at birth, and the type of music one hears. Everyone seems to be cooking, so being in that style is very important. From afro music, having good or horrible music is not enough because the artists ’performances often offer the best songs. In summary, I am blessed that my musical body works well for me—such a thing I can not use with afrobeat.

Can you share some of the humorous reactions you saw during work?

Reactions from fans were overwhelming. I went to events I wouldn’t say I liked before I went upstairs, but the teachers’ reception would take me quickly. I decided to sing forever, as long as the spirit was in my lungs.

He had four nominations at the Headies Awards but did not win. How do you feel about that?

All I want for my music is to be heard regularly in the music industry and continue to grow in my support. I want to have as many people as possible to put my trust in good music. No one wants to be a corrupt actor, so money is important. With that in mind, donations are not the same.

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People think that actors are cheaper than writing and still get their marks compared to famous actors. What do you think of that?

For now, I would say I want to grow up. When I arrived at the bridge, I was sure I would see my clients there.

What do you do for fun?

I played video games, chatted with family and friends, and did other fun things.

How do you improve your relationship with women?

I keep my love life in public. I make sure my relative is hidden and no charges.

What did the funny woman do to you in public?

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