Even as gospel artiste, I’m romantic –Esther Igbekele

Even as gospel artiste, I’m romantic –Esther Igbekele-Missionaries are often seen as living a boring and unsympathetic life, especially in their marriages.

However, the famous singer, Esther Trust, not only insists that the idea is not true, she explains that ‘100 percent’ is love and socializing.

He told Sunday Scoop, “I went to a lot of social work. Being a musician does not mean that I cannot be a musician. I have a husband and children, and I do programs. The infectious disease of COVID-19 has shown many of us in other ways that we make ourselves. I know what love means. Without love, one cannot appreciate or love One cannot know what one does not put in another’s mouth. When one tastes something sweet, one is able to express a better feeling. My human life is another interesting part of me. I go to many festivals. My family and I go to the beach and other places. My husband is an entrepreneur, so he usually works but I love 100% people.

“My husband and I have a busy schedule but we communicate well when we are happy. I’ve had an eye out and done a lot of amazing things for clients. (Mana), I love the physical and the material. There are so many wonderful things a couple can do that no one can imagine that is the kind of amazing thing I like. ”

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The affidavit also gave him two cents about an evangelical missionary who praised and / or worked for the world. She said, “If a person worships God and does not work, he will be poor. There are many pastors who are English doctors. Will they treat only Christians or faithful ones? So, why are our people (missionaries) so different? Surprisingly, I have a lot of Muslim customers and fans. They call me for their event because I enjoy the music I want to have. Some will buy my album and as a result, many of them have changed (Christianity). It is not my custom to sing at the bar but I will do it safely if I want to. It’s the kind of music I read there that would make a difference. My goal is to touch the world there. Critics do not pay for our services. How can one meet the needs of a member? In the past, I paid N50,000 for a job. How do I share that with my 16 employers? ”

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