First Lady’s role is unquestionable — Ahmed Tinubu

First Lady’s role is unquestionable — Ahmed Tinubu   –  Senator Bola Tinubu, the APC regional leader, said people could no longer ask for the president’s wife because it was just about everything in the world. Tinubu said this at a ceremony to pay tribute to the wife of the President of Nigeria titled: “AISHA BUHARI Eating Variety” at Villa Villa in Abuja on Thursday.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that page 461 with 10 chapters is the memory of the first woman from childhood to date. “With the rise of Aisha Buhari, no one can question the role of the president’s wife. “The role of the first woman is to help society and to help more people in relation to government, culture and tradition. “Aisha Buhari has been a force to be reckoned with; it is a matter of conscience that calls us to be true to ourselves for the good of the nation and the weak among us. “As such, it has become a source of support not only for the president but for our fellow Nigerians as a people. The APC chief recalled controversy over the role of the first woman law, saying people’s concerns were broken.

“Remember that there are some who say it is illegal to give any job to a woman first; Their worries have been removed. “Many politicians argue; national state is nothing but social progress or family change such as if the President is the father of the family; his wife became the mother of the family at the same time. “The role of the first lady is providing significant support to the people as seen in Mrs. Buhari’s real estate business. “Aisha Buhari has done an amazing job, turning traditional and modern programs into charities that have improved society and politics,” he said. Tinubu praised the efforts of the author, Dr. Hajo Sani, Special Assistant to the President on Women and Government, said she described the role of the first women in the region. “The author is to be commended not for recording the foundation, education, work, family and general life of Mrs. Buhari.

“The author’s report on the political and legal situation in which Mrs. Buhari portrays the status of the first woman in Nigeria. ‘” The book will be a very important reading for historians in He said, “With those interested in the development of women, empowerment of women, empowerment and empowerment in our country.Sani said the book was the first time he would try to write a non-fiction. Your own justification., “he said. The author expresses his gratitude to Professor Abdullahi Abba, who provided important information that made his work successful. She said part of this book will be dedicated to the advancement of women’s education. and women.


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