Imo Jailbreak: Inmates turn to cleaning, hawking jobs for survival

Imo Jailbreak: Inmates turn to cleaning, hawking jobs for survival – A major Vanguard investigation revealed that from thousands of inmates some refugees said they had taken low-paying jobs in and outside Owerri to earn money. The rest, on the other hand, want to earn some money from sacred service as part of Getting Started, as some of them say they need money to return to their hometown, where people they do not know remain in prison for years. later they were imprisoned for fear and false accusations against them. Those who said they met some of the inmates, a Chike, known as “iron” said: “We are very happy that my son came from prison to thank those who went.” A man from Ebonyi came to fight them and arrested them. and bowed down to Eke Ukwu in Owerri. He did not commit any crime. We do not know if he is in prison. “Post control, accused of being“ bad guys ”happy about their free friends, one of whom said they arrested him in connection with the robbery / theft process between the Post Office, the World Bank and the Hospital Hospital. on the Owerri / Port Harcourt road.

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They said: “Our men are back. We are drinking and having fun. Work begins, the police look. My man signal is back. They can’t go out now, at night. The men could not return to the village. The man did not follow. ”A businessman, Irete, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said:“ Some of these prisoners are innocent. Two of them are doing business with my friends. They opened it saying they were among those released and explained how they got into prison. My brothers, you will weep. “Our community is suffering. They begged my friend, that they wanted to join his boys in slowing down the cement bags and throwing his business to have money and go home. They said they were from Ngor Okpala local government area and had been in prison for more than 15 years. But my friend gave them N5000 and gave them food to invite them home. ”At another meeting, a business and leisure agent at one of the nightclubs in Owerri, who decided not to mention him, said:“ Prisoners are not working now as whites? They are women who care about work not just as they look hungry and hungry, but over time they will feel better. What they want is a correction as some of them complain that they are not doing enough to complete their imprisonment. “Some of them are in the market now, in cars like sanctuaries, some of them are buying products. Sometimes this is not what we see. You see, they are ready to break the plates. Even some of them have repented. None of them were wrong. This is a terrible country. ”

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