ITPAN backs Information Minister’s moves on adverts placement in foreign stations

ITPAN backs Information Minister’s moves on adverts placement in foreign stations – The Independent Association of television producers of Nigeria, ITPAN, on Monday praised the efforts of Minister of information and culture Haji Lai Mohamed and his ministry to improve and implement the Nigerian Broadcasting Act by all players and stakeholders in the national broadcasting scene. Itpan said in a statement to President Adeyink Oduniya that the current management’s defensive actions and actions in the Global Village Market will maintain a share of local content and make creative economy professionals and various skilled Nigerians successful and productive.

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The association responded to a request received by the minister to pay fines for advertising on foreign media channels and the production of content by advertisers abroad.
The minister also said the advertising materials that promote violence trademarks Nigerian should be directed and written by Nigerians in the country and the brands that produce their advertising materials abroad will pay a fine of $ 100,000 in each time you run such ads.

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Supporting the minister’s position, ITPAN said: “it is important and moving to record the design of this department, i.e. the Ministry of information and culture, to ensure that all players and stakeholders in the Nigerian Broadcasting scene are familiar with the letter and spirit of the Nigerian Broadcasting Act, especially with regard to local content requests that are accepted and implemented “In this case, over the past two decades, we saw the helpless and hopeless where the agencies advertising agencies advertising and the devastating consequences of the decision to outsource production of advertising material to foreign manufacturers.

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– Or travel abroad to pick up advertising material and accompany the loss of enormous opportunities in the creative industry and economy, as well as the deterioration of the impact on the business previously enjoyed by local Nigerian Television Producers and practices in related fields. “In fact, this was responsible for the almost complete collapse of audiovisual units in most advertising agencies in Nigeria . “Most importantly, if the world has become truly a global village, it should be noted that such measures and preventive actions were even in developed countries. “For us, we see the government saying that from now on, in the spirit of local content quota as practiced worldwide, advertisers and advertising companies must comply with the laws by channeling reasonable resources into the creative economy so that professionals and various federally qualified Nigerians can thrive and be productive.””

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