The Golden State Warriors suffered a” humiliating ” loss of 53 points for the Toronto Raptors

The Golden State Warriors suffered a humiliating loss of 53 points for the Toronto Raptors

Ratnici’s Golden State porch is one of the most significant “humiliating” wrinkles in Gragan’s law, in five rounds of 53 losses to the Toronto Raptors-the team that went into the game when they lost 13 of their last 14 games.

“You saw that, “coach Steve Kerr said of gubitka, who was outscored 130-77. “The administration has been destroyed. He’s dumb enough to show himself. Humiliate everyone.”

Ratnici put some doubt on the signs in the game when poena, Stephen Kari and Draymond Green (guess Li’s finger) disappear in the other half of this pradio trag up to 61.

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Outscored ratnika from Raptora 51 second I treæe quartet poen, most immediately igru u NBA povijest differential on two four four screws, training prema Elias Sports Bureau. Ratnici became the fourth tim in 25 years in the Trag for at least 60 points in an ESPN statistics & information on education game. Raptora sođer’s advantage of 53 Polje is below 10 or higher utakmica, which is tied to treć by the size of Tim koji’s League history .500.

“I just think the brzo game is on us and we’re demoralised,” Kerr said. “I think bez Steph and Draymond are a little rudder bez kak ka things krenule nizbrdo. We didn’t have a battle where we had to conquer the hill.”

This is most obviously u različitih područja, or in the mountains, I odmah, this is a good uznemirujuće ratnici činjenica da su postao jedini for a team X last 25 godina so Barem igru 50 poena I brze slomiti no result at the moment. They just tried and dropped a jedan brzi. This is the biggest reason why kojeg’s team is frustrated by the failure to cover the club.

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“Our team got kicked out of the breeding shed,” Kerr said. “The energy of the game, karma, children’s magic, is also designed to adapt to the club. I saw the board after another evening, it was a taste and a bargain. We have to play one game at a time and I didn’t think we would do it tonight.”

Ratnici, sada 23-26, syde 10. he was given a post on the date the conference ended. Kevin Looney said Curry and Green were eating their own team’s outbursts about the tome to watch and try to play better. After petak made an unpleasant appearance, experience Kent Bazemore said he was betrayed by ex Klay Thompson delio who thought utakmice was a bit of a suigrav in the business.

“It’s a heavy pill for them to buy,” Bazemore said of nestalim, one of Ratnik’s main toys. “We’re talking-A I Klay’s tamo, these guys have five stage finals. It wasn’t so easy to get away from them. It hurts them more than anything. Klay got away with it. But it was the two hardest things to do with his momaks, and he couldn’t help it. And I think zapali watru under him, Steph and Draymond, they know how important they are to us.”

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For Thompson, scowler would be on his way to a promotion, considering he is currently rebuilding his Achilles campaign and forcing him to fail another season. Bazemore said Thompson’s poruka par suigra was authentic.

“He was just talking about how easy it was to get lost like that,” Bazemore said. “Fat, witty. It’s hard to watch, but no matter how hard you play, you don’t.”

A good bolt for Ratchet is what my father would say if he joined the anti-Atlanta Hawks campaign. The Yesil is green, but it is not clear that he is in the number of eyes he can play in the fives, or that he may try to be bitten by the coach when he cannot give the Fox’s hands to his finger. Green told Kerr to let the boys play, or Master Donio’s coach ordered Green to eat.

While Ratnici expects his stars to recover, they have a big problem with the young centre-piece they hope to help him get out of the season. Big man James Wiseman, 20, has been an anti-Raptor on his night in opet, boring in both areas of the ground, as sastav dio dana has been since the shanty trick. Because he said ratnici wanted to swallow Diel’s game plan for wiseman, so he wanted his men to rebuild their bond.

“As teenagers, a lot of moms are trying to make a difference,” Kerr said. “I think it’s management with James. I see hajde da budemo good u stvarima on the floor, so how to leave this idemo nearest mogu bit good u onda I sad my game is like a strip if they play brzo or NBA, uvek bio u mogućnosti da radi šta is God. I think it’s proširiti, it’s nadaren man.I’m trying to teach James.

“But the only way to find out is to isolate him, and he finds out. Since he’s grown from the womb and we want to stay positive with them, we’re trying to fix things, keep things simple and help him do his own thing over the last four seasons.”

As for ratnici, I look forward to seeing a higher turnout than the broj 2 purchased in the 2020 plan, they did so when their season finished in a best-of-five. Because he doesn’t have to agree with his team after two real failures, or he understands that every toy he eats needs to motivate him to open the door to the right place to care too much.

“Like a coach, you try to sign the best thing you can do with your team after the season,” Kerr said. “So there is air for humor, air for joy, air for great discourse, and soul irritation. It’s a way to stimulate the spirit.”

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